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  $499 gets you a five page website.  Web Design, Website Creation, Updates, and Online Strategy: 

  • Spread information to a target audience in the way they want it.
  • Regular updates keep it fresh - we baby-sit for those too busy for it.
  • Our software methods maximize compatibility to give good first impressions.  So online visitors come back, tell others, and choose you instead of a website works for them.
  • Specific situations analyzed to maximize success.
  • We make anything you dream.  Let us know what you like about sites you see.
  • Get your online and advertising activities compared to competitors by experts. 
  • Most websites only include text when watching and listening is best (our home page will be updated soon to be entertaining instead of something to read). 
  • Advertising, education, entertainment, & corporate website specialists. 

Monitor website traffic.  Generate traffic.  SEO & SEM.  Digital Advertising. Commercials. Animations & Logos. Online Stores. 

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