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We help you deploy quality digital videos with full Dolbey audio in any format combination to make it look and sound good.  Specialize in education, spreading information, sales, corporate videos, HD Video Online, CD-ROMs, and DVDs.  Services include: 

  • Script writing for: education, entertainment, advertising, & eCommerce.
  • Help identify talent: actors, actresses, voices, & bands. 
  • Shooting.  Editing.  Producing.  Compression Services.  Distribution.
  • HD video online with superior visual and audio quality.
  • Have videos that present your pitch perfectly every time!
  • Advertising including: name selection, slogans, branding, & commercials. 
  • Conversion of video for all computers and any target devices including  handhelds like: Apple iPOD, Apple iPhone, BlackBerry, DROID, Apple iPad, Adobe Flash, and more.  We can get you from any format to any format with the best quality video in the smallest file sizes.
  • DesignAVS does not show its best work without signing a mutual non-disclosure, so please e-mail if you would like to see some of the good stuff done better after we do paperwork.  In fact, consider having DesignAVS deploy a small video file example online free for your effort.

Monitor website traffic.  Generate traffic.  SEO & SEM.  Digital Advertising. Commercials. Animations & Logos. Online Stores. 

Good information on why DesignAVS video is better is HERE.  In addition, on a computer with good speakers <click above on> "Video Examples" then "Compare Spiderman 3 Examples" upper right to compare our online results to YouTube, MySpace, Yahoo Videos, & Sony.  Notice our Dolby full-stereo sound (not mono like the others) & superior visual quality.

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