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  Online Strategy & Website Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ): 

  • Online traffic monitoring helps you tune and improve.  Most business owners don't know if anyone visits their site.
  • Get your online strategy analyzed then tuned until you have success (we like to baby-sit websites).
  • Be on the first page in search engine results ( including: Google, Microsoft Bing / MSN, Yahoo Search, & ... ) 
  • We have experience putting websites to #1.  DesignAVS Results for April 2008 and a good part of the year including: Yahoo #1 out of 187,000,000 and Microsoft MSN #1 out of 20,900,000
  • Do not give away current results online on target keywords while hit #1 on any search engine including Google.  Will help you spread information any needed solution, product, service, etc. Can share more when know you.  
  • DesignAVS does not show its best work without a mutual non-disclosure in place.  e-Mail if you would like to do paperwork and see more.
  • DesignAVS does its best to spread useful needed information with those willing to give us a try.  SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) is done by natural placement and that means free.  SEM ( Search Engine Marketing ) is when you pay to get listed.


Monitor website traffic.  Generate traffic.  SEO & SEM.  Digital Advertising. Commercials. Animations & Logos. Online Stores. 

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