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Popular and Unforgettable Advertising Slogans used in Commercials and Branding That Still help their owners Sell Today!

Here at DesignAVS Corporation we love history!  Here are some marketing and advertising memories.  We are constantly adding companies with slogans, putting in alphabetical order, adding links, and show logos on the color blue (as it demonstrates hidden detail in logos not shows on white.  Always adding information please consider this a growing list we can all share.  What are your favorite slogans of all times?

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This is about popular and unforgettable advertising slogans that continue to generate revenues for companies that created and owned them.  Marketing practitioners are continuously searching for ways and means to effectively communicate with consumers for the purpose of influencing them to buy certain products or services. Recent surveys and research on consumer preferences and buying patterns revealed that advertising slogans play a vital role in influencing consumer buying habits.

Here are some unforgettable advertising slogans, logos, commercials, and jingles that are known to have influenced consumer buying preferences (used to brand these organizations).  NOTE: many of the videos in even the websites of these huge corporations do not load quickly, play well with decent sound synchronized to visuals, or show without sputter on a slower DSL connection.  DesignAVS can help most of these companies tune to improve online.  It is fun to see what “state of the art” is in corporate America today first-hand below.  We can still go to school on some of these who do some things in some areas well:


Taco Bell : ( )

“Think outside the bun.” – on main website on 11/06/09.

“New! Black Jack Taco. 89 cents.”  - on main website 11/06/09.

“Head for the border.”

“You quiero Taco Bell.”


Target : ( )

“Expect more. Pay less.”


Tareyton Cigarettes :

1963 – 1981: “Us Tareyton smokers would rather fight than switch!”


Texaco : ( )

 - as shown on Texaco main website on 11/06/09.

- on the main Texaco website on 11/06/09.

“You can trust your car to the men who wear the star.” < jingle ? >


Tide : ( )

 - from the Tide website home page 11/06/09.

“If it’s gotta be clean, it’s gotta be Tide.”


Timex : ( )

 - as shown on their website main page on 11/06/09

“keeps on ticking.” – shown on main website on 11/06/09.

“Takes a licking and keeps on ticking.”


Toshiba : ( )

 - from main website home page on 11/06/09.

“Leading Innovation.” – main website home page on 11/06/09.

“Choose freedom.”


T. Rowe Price : ( )

 - as shown on main website home page 11/06/09

“Invest with confidence.” – shown on main website 11/06/09


Toyota : ( )

“moving forward.” – main Toyota website on 11/06/09

“You got it, Toyota.”

“Get the feeling.”

“I love what you do for me … Toyota.” < jingle ? >


Trix Cereal : ( )

“Silly rabbit, trix are for kids.”


Tyco : ( )

- main website home page on 11/06/09

“a vital part of your world.” – main website home page on 11/06/09.


Tylenol : ( )

 - from main website home page on 11/06/09.

“It’s hospital recommended.”

“Get ready for flu season.” – from main website home page on 11/06/09.

“Feel better, Tylenol.” – from main website home page on 11/06/09.


Tums :  ( )

 - from main Tums website on 11/06/09.

“Tum, tum, tum, tum, Tums.” < jingle ? >


Unisys : ( )

 - on the UNISYS website on 11/06/09.

“imagine it.  done.” – on the UNISYS main home page of website on 11/06/09.


United Airlines : ( )

  - from the United Airlines main website on 11/06/09.

“Time to fly.”

“Fly the friendly skies (of United).” < jingle ? >


United Negro College Fund : ( )

from main UNCF website home page on 11/06/09.

“The mind is a terrible thing to waste.”


Unocal : ( )


“The spirit of ’76.”


UPS : ( )

 from UPS website home page on 11/6/09.

“What can Brown do for you?”


U.S. Army : ( )

“Some of our best men are women.”

“Be all that you can be.” < jingle ? >


U.S. Department of Transportation : ( )

“Friends don’t let friends drive drunk.”


U.S. Forest Service : ( )

“Only you can prevent forest fires.”

“Give a hoot, don’t pollute.”

“100 Years of Caring for the land and serving people.”, on main website 11/06/09.


U.S. Marines : ( )

 from the Marines website on 11/06/09.

“The few, the proud.”

“We’re looking for a few good men.”


U.S. Navy : ( )


“It’s not a job. It’s an adventure.”


U.S. Pease Corps : ( )

 from main website 11/06/09

“The toughest job you’ll ever love.


V-8 : ( )

“I coulda had a V-8!”


Verizon Wireless : ( )

“We never stop working for you.”

“Can you hear me now? … Good!”


Victor Talking Machine Company :

No longer around … became part of RCA. 

Here is some good history: ( )

“His master’s voice.”


Virginia Slims Cigarettes :

“You’ve come a long way, baby.”


The Virginia Tourism Commission : ( )

 from main home page of website on 11/06/09

“Virginia is for lovers.”


VISA : ( )

 from VISA website on 11/06/09

“It’s everywhere you want to be.”


Visine : ( )


“Get the red out.”

“Visine gets the red out.”


Volkswagen :  ( )

“Think small.”

“Drivers wanted.”



Volvo : ( )

“For life.”


Walmart : ( )

 from Walmart website on 11/06/09

“Always low prices.  Always.”

“Save money. Live better.” On Walmart website on 11/06/09.


Wells Fargo : ( )

 from their main website on 11/06/09

“The next stage.”



Advertising slogans and commercials used to brand the company:

“Where’s the beef?”

“Quality is our Recipe.” Main website on 11/06/09

“It’s waaaaay better than fast food, It’s Wendy’s”

Recent: Wendy’s “Double Stack” 99 cents Commercial

Recent” Wendy’s 99 cent menu commercial

1987: Wendy’s Chili Introduction Commercial:

Wendy’s Fish Sandwich Commercial:

Wendy’s Hot Dogs Commercials:
 => 1989:

1985: Wendy’s “Fresh Hamburger” Commercial

“Where’s the Beef?” Commercials:
 => 1984:
 => 1984:

1983: Wendy’s Stuffed Baked Potatoes

Wendy’s Dave Thomas Commercial
 => Dave goes ski jumping:


Weihnard Beer :  ( )

 from Weihnard Brewing Company on 11/06/09

1970’s: Weinhard Ad: Taking it on the Airplane

1960’s: Weinhard Commercial “Best country in the country and the countries best beer”


Western Airlines :

“the only way to fly.”

1979: 10 second ad: “Western Airlines – The only way to fly”


Wheaties : ( )


“The breakfast of champions.”

“Fuel. Win. Evolve.” On main website 11/6/09


Winston :

“Winston tastes good like a cigarette should.” < jingle ? >


Wisk Laundry Detergent : ( )

“Ring around the collar.” Shown as then on the Wisk website 11/06/09.

“The art of getting dirty.” Shown as now on the Wisk website 11/06/09.

“Powerfully Clean.  Perfectly Priced.” From their website on 11/6/09.


World Wildlife Fund : ( )

“For a living planet.”

“ A step forward for plant”

“Room to Roam”

“Don’t wait until it’s gone.”

“Breathing Room.”


Wrigley’s Doublemint Gum :  ( )

 from Wrigley website 11/06/09

“Double your pleasure, double your fun.” < jingle ? >


Xerox : ( )

 (from Xerox main website 11/06/09)

“We’re moving beyond documents.”


Yahoo!  Personals :  ( )



“Happiness on your own terms can happen.” (main website on 11/06/09).


Yellow Pages ( )

“Let your fingers do the walking”


ZDNet : ( )

“Where technology means business.”


Zenith : ( )

  ( from Zenith main website 11/06/09 )

“The quality goes in before the name goes on.


Zest Soap : ( )

 (as shown on Zest main website 11/6/09)

 their logo up until 2004.

“You’re not fully clean until you’re Zestfully clean.” < jingle ? >


Advertising slogans undergo periodic change depending on consumer recall of a certain slogan. Some companies change their advertising slogans every year - Then others try to maintain them especially if they lead in product recall among consumers. Many slogans here have been maintained by the companies who own them; because of continued popularity and the slogan’s ability to generate more revenues.  Some of the slogans are more popular in other parts of the world than here in The United States of America.

Advertising experts believe that slogans are even better than in person visual product presentations because consumers remember them easily as they become popular as a result of constant media exposure.  Some of the earliest ways to pass information was by word of mouth before written words.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  Video comes at 30 frames per second.  And can also have full Dolby stereo sound.  With the development of technology commercials and jingles replaced “traveling sales people” and “door-to-door” sales in most cases.

In the long run, slogan usage becomes less expensive in terms of advertising expenditures and it is a very effective way to influence and motivate the consumer to purchase a particular product.  Advertising can often bring in way more than is spent is why it is done

We hope you had fun remembering the popular and unforgettable advertising slogans with jungles used in commercials and branding shared here.


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