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Popular and Unforgettable Advertising Slogans used in Commercials and Branding That Still help their owners Sell Today!

Here at DesignAVS Corporation we love history!  Here are some marketing and advertising memories.  We are constantly adding companies with slogans, putting in alphabetical order, adding links, and show logos on the color blue (as it demonstrates hidden detail in logos not shows on white.  Always adding information please consider this a growing list we can all share.  What are your favorite slogans of all times?

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This is about popular and unforgettable advertising slogans that continue to generate revenues for companies that created and owned them.  Marketing practitioners are continuously searching for ways and means to effectively communicate with consumers for the purpose of influencing them to buy certain products or services. Recent surveys and research on consumer preferences and buying patterns revealed that advertising slogans play a vital role in influencing consumer buying habits.

Here are some unforgettable advertising slogans, logos, commercials, and jingles that are known to have influenced consumer buying preferences (used to brand these organizations).  NOTE: many of the videos in even the websites of these huge corporations do not load quickly, play well with decent sound synchronized to visuals, or show without sputter on a slower DSL connection.  DesignAVS can help most of these companies tune to improve online.  It is fun to see what “state of the art” is in corporate America today first-hand below.  We can still go to school on some of these who do some things in some areas well:


National Cattlemen’s Beef Association :

“Beef. It’s what’s for dinner.”


National Crime Prevention Council :

“Take a bite out of crime. “ McGruff (sp?) crime dog.


National Pork Board :

“Pork. The other white meat.”


National Highway Traffic Safety Administration :

“You could learn a lot from a dummy.  Buckle up!”



“Must see TV.”


Nestles :

“N-E-S-T-L-E-S, Nestles makes the very best … chocolate.” < jingle ? >


Nestles Butterfinger :

“Break out of the ordinary.”


New York State Division of Tourism :

“I love New York.”


The New York Times :

“All the news that’s fit to print.”


Nike : ( )

Advertising slogans and commercials used to brand the company:

“Just do it.”

Current - Nike Soccer Channel (as of 11/5/09 it has 70 videos):

2008, April 28 – Nike Soccer: Take It to the Next Level (Full Length):

1992: Michael Jordan vs. Larry Bird “Nothing but net” shooting contest for a Big Mac


Nikon :

“At the heart of the image.”


Nine Lives Cat Food :

“Only fit for a king.  Nine Lives.”



“Enjoy the ride.”



Advertising slogans and commercials used to brand the company:

“Connecting people.”


Noxzema :

“Take it all off.”


NyQuil :

“The nighttime sniffling sneezing coughing aching stuffy head fever so you can rest medicine.”


Office Depot :

“Taking care of business.”


Oldsmobile : ( )

 - from the Oldsmobile website on 11/06/09.

“It’s not your father’s Oldsmobile anymore.”


Old Spice : ( )

“The mark of a man.”


OneTouch – LifeScan, Inc, ( blood glucose monitoring systems ) : ( )

 - from OneTouch website.

“Changes everything.”

“More power to you.” – on their website on 11/06/09.


Oracle : ( )

 - from Oracle website on 11/06/09.

“Oracle buys Sun”

“Enterprise Application Server Leader.”

“Software powers the Internet.”


Ore-Ida : ( )

“Ore-Ida! It’s all righta!”


Oscar Mayer : ( )

 - from Oscar Mayer website on 11/06/09.

Advertising slogans and commercials used to brand the company:

“I wish I were an Oscar Mayer Wiener.” < jingle ? >

“My bologna has a first name, it’s O-S-C-A-R.” < jingle ? >

1973: B-O-L-O-G-N-A Commercial:

1965: “Wiener” ad


Outback Steakhouse : ( )

 - from Outback Steakhouse main website on 11/06/09

“No rules.  Just right.”


Pace Picante Sauce : ( )

“New York City.”

“Get the rope.”

“Grab the Southwest by the bottle.”

1980s : This Stuff’s Made in New York City!!! Commercials

Newer: Pace Picante Salsa Commercial

1994 Pace Picante Commercial


Packard : ( went out of business in 1958 )

Here is a car club for them:


“Ask the man who owns one.”


Panasonic : ( )

 - on Panasonic website home page on 11/06/09.

“ideas for life.” – on main website on 11/06/09

“Slightly ahead of its time.”


Parkay Margarine : ( )

  from website 11/06/09.


“The flavor says butter.”

“made with nonfat real mils for a fresh and creamy taste!” – on website 11/06/09.


Partnership for a Drug-Free America : ( )

  - from their main website home page on 11/06/09.

“This is your brain.  This is your brain on drugs.”


Paul Masson : ( )

“We sell no wine before its time.”


Pepperidge Farm : ( )

- from Pepperidge Farm main website home page on 11/06/09.

“Pepperidge Farms Remembers.”


Pepsi-Cola : ( )

- on main pepsi website on 11/06/09.

Advertising slogans and commercials used to brand the company:

“… something for everyone.” – on main pepsi website on 11/06/09.

“The choice of a new generation”

“Come alive! You’re in the Pepsi generation.”

“The taste of a new generation.”

“For those who think young.” < jingle ? >

“Pepsi-Cola hits the spot.” < jingle ? >

1980s: Michael Jackson 80s Pepsi Commercials

1984: Michael Jackson and the Pepsi Generation:

1988: Michael Jackson – Pepsi Commercial 1988


Pepsodent : ( )

Is owned by Unilever:  from the Pepsodent: main website home page on 11/06/09.


“You’ll wonder where the yellow went when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent.” < jingle ? >


Perdue Chicken : ( )

 - picture from website on 11/06/09.

“A Family Commitment to Quality since 1920.” – on the main Perdue Chicken n website on 11/06/09.

“It takes a tough man to make a tender chicken.”


Petco : ( )

 - from the Petco website on 11/06/09.

“Where the pets go.” – on the Petco website 11/06/09


Peter Paul Mounds / Almond Joy
    ( )

    ( )

- from Mounds and Almond Joy Hershey’s websites on 11/06/09.

“Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t.” < jingle ?>


Peugeot :

“The best kept automotive secret in America.”


Philip Morris :

“Talk. They’ll Listen.”

“ Call for Philip Morris.” < jingle ? >


Pillsbury : ( )

- from Pillsbury main website on 11/06/09.

“home is calling.” – Pillsbury main website.

“Nothin’ says lovin’ like somethin’ from the oven.” < jingle ? >


Pizza Hut: ( )

Advertising slogans and commercials used to brand the company:

1983: Pizza Hut Refillable Jug

1980: Pizza Hut Super Supreme Commercial


Planters Peanuts : ( )

 - from main home page of Planters Peanuts website on 11/06/09.

“Famously Fresh.”


Playtex Cross-Your-Heart Bra : ( )

“who knows you like we do.” – on the Playtex website on 11/06/09

“when the girls are happy, I’m happy.”, - on the Playtex website on 11/06/09.

“Lifts and separates.”


Polaroid : ( )

 - from Polaroid main website on 11/06/09.

“The fun develops instantly.


Prudential : ( )


“Get a piece of the Rock.”


Quaker Oatmeal : ( )

“Something to smile about.”


Quiznos : ( )

 - from main website on 11/06/09.

“M’m, m’m, m’m, m’m … toasty!”


Qwest : ( )

 - from main Qwest website on 11/06/09.

“Spirit of service.”

“Ride the light.”


Radio Shack : ( )

 from main Radio Shack Website on 11/06/09.

“You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.”


Raid : ( )

- on the Raid website on 11/06/09.

“Kills Bugs Dead.” – on main Raid website on 11/06/09.


Rainer Beer : ( )

“Mountain Fresh”

Motorcycle commercial:

Rainier Frogs:

Rainier Crossing:

1981: Rainier Beer “A Brew Apart”

Beerish on America:

1980s: Rubber Face:

1976: Wild Rainier Beers Commercial #1 with Mickey Rooney

Wild Rainier Beers Commercial #2 with Mickey Rooney:

Very old: Rainier Beer Woman Whistling Commercial

Rainier Beer - Montana Fresh Rainier:


Ralston Purina (Meow Mix) : ( )

 - from main Meow Mix website on 11/06/09.

“Tastes so good cats ask for it by name.”

“Meow, meow, meow, meow, …” < jingle ? >

1970’s Purina meowmix meow mix cat food commercial

1982: Purina Meow Mix ad


Remington (electric shavers) : ( )

 - from Remington website on 11/06/09.

“I liked it so much I bought the company.”


Rice-a-Roni : ( )

“Rice-a-Roni the San Francisco treat.” < jingle ? >


Ricoh : ( )

 - from the main website on 11/06/09.

“For every problem, there is a solution.” – on main website on 11/06/09.

“Harmonize with the Environment.” – on the main website on 11/06/09.

“How well do you share?”


Rolaids : ( )

 - as seen on the Rolaids main website on 11/06/09.

“Spells Fast Relief” – on Rolaids main website on 11/06/09.

“When heartburn attacks, it’s Rolaids to the rescue.” – on main website on 11/06/09.

“How do you spell relief? R-O-L-A-I-D-S.”

“Summon the Reliever.” – on the main website on 11/06/09.


Roto Rooter : ( )

 - from main Roto-Rooter website on 11/06/09.

“And Away Go Troubles Down the Drain.” < jingle > - on main Roto-Rooter website on 11/06/09.


Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines : ( )



both of the above on Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines on 11/06/09.

“Get out there.”

“Welcome to Royal Caribbean the nation of why not.”, on website home page 11/06/09.



Safeway : ( )

 - from Safeway  main website on 11/06/09.

“Ingredients for life.” – on main Safeway website on 11/06/09. : ( )

 - on the main website home page on 11/06/09.

“Success. Not Software.” – on main website on 11/06/09.

“Experience success.”


San Miguel Beer

Advertising slogans and commercials used to brand the company:

”Mag Beer Muna Tayo” (“Let’s have a beer first”)

1989: San Miquel Beer Philippine TVC

1995: San Miquel Beer Classic TVC

1988: San Miguel Beer Classic TVC ( SiBoom )


Sanka : ( for sale for $14,410, sanka is part of Kraft )

“Sanka?  Everything you love about coffee.”

1963: Sanka Coffee retro commercial with Andy Griffith


Sara Lee Foods : ( )

“Nobody doesn’t like Sara Lee.” < jingle ? >

“Our mission is to simply delight you … every day.” – main website on 11/06/09.


Schlitz : ( )

 &  both from Schlitz main website on 11/06/09.

“The beer that made Milwaukee famous.”

“When you’re out of Schlitz, you’re out of beer.” < jingle ? >

“Schlitz Bull.”  Malt Liquor

“Don’t say beer say bull.”

1978: Schlitz Beer Commercial. 

1978: Schlitz Malt Liquor Bull commercial

1979: Schlitz Malt Liquor Bull commercial


Schlotzky’s Deli : ( )

- from main website on 11/06/09.


“Funny name.  Serious sandwich.”

“Fresh from scratch.”


Schweppes : ( )

“Mix with the best.” – Schweppes website on 11/06/09.

“Schhh! You know who?”


Seagate : ( )

 - from Seagate website on 11/06/09.

“We turn on ideas.”


Secret Deodorant : ( )

“because you’re hot.” – on main website on 11/06/09

“Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman.”


Seven-Up : ( )

Advertising slogans and commercials used to brand the company:

“The uncola”

“7-Up. The difference is clear”


Shake ‘n Bake :

“It’s Shake and Bake, and I helped.”


The Sharper Image : ( )

 from main website on 11/06/09.

“For the person who has everything, we have everything else.”


Sherwin Williams : ( )

 - from main website on 11/06/09.

“Cover the earth.”

“Ask Sherwin-Williams …”


Singapore Airlines : ( )

 - from Singapore Airlines website on 11/06/09.

“Singapore girl, you’re a great way to fly.” < jingle ? >


Skoal : ( )

 - from main Skoal website on 11/06/09.

“Always there in a pinch.”


Slinky : ( )

“It’s slinky, it’s slinky, oh what a wonderful toy.” < jingle ? >


Smith Barney : ( )

 - from website on 11/06/09.


“We make money the old-fashioned way.  We earn it.”



Smucker’s : ( )

 - from Smucker’s website home page 11/06/09.

“With a name like Smucker’s, it has to be good.”


Snapple : ( )


“Made from the Best Stuff on Earth.” – on main website on 11/06/09.


Southwest Airlines : ( )

 - from main Southwest Airlines website home page 11/06/09.

“Catch our smile.”

“You are now free to move about the country.”


Spaghettios :  ( )

“Uh, oh, Spaghettios.” < jingle ? >

“Kids love the taste, and Moms love the nutrition!” – main website on 11/06/09.



- from main website home page on 11/06/09.


“Now, that’s better.”


Sprite : ( )


“Obey your thirst.”


Staples: ( )

 - from main Staples website on 11/06/09.

“that was easy.” – on main Staples website on 11/06/09.


Starbuck’s Coffee : ( )


StarKist Tuna : ( )

 - from main StarKist tuna website on 11/06/09.

“Sorry Charlie”

“America’s favorite tuna.” – on main website on 11/06/09.

“Only good tasting tuna get to be Starkist.”

“Starkist wants tuna that tastes good, not tuna with good taste.”

1970s: Charlie Tuna Starkist Commercial –


State Farm Insurance : ( )

“Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.” < jingle ? >


Subway : ( )

 - 11/ 06/09 on main Subway website home page.

 - 11/06/09 on main website.


“Eat fresh.”

“Eat fresh.  Live green.”, on the Subway website on 11/06/09.

“The New Low-Fat Buffalo Chicken for a Limited Time” – on website 11/06/09


Sun Microsystems: ( )


“The network is the computer.”

“We make the net work.”


Sunkist: ( )

 - from website on 11/06/09.

“Better snacking.”


SuperSoil by Scotts: ( )

“If it’s not SuperSoil, it’s just plain old dirt.”


Sure : ( )

- on Sure website home page on 11/06/09.

“Raise your hand if you’re sure.” < jingle ? > - on Sure website home page on 11/06/09.


Swanson Hungry-Man ( frozen meals and TV dinners) : ( )

“How do you feed a hungry man?” < jingle ? >


Sweet ‘N Low: ( )

- as shown on their main website home page on 11/06/09

“the sweetest sweetener on earth” – with pink panther on their main page 11/06/09.

“There’s no equal.”


Advertising slogans undergo periodic change depending on consumer recall of a certain slogan. Some companies change their advertising slogans every year - Then others try to maintain them especially if they lead in product recall among consumers. Many slogans here have been maintained by the companies who own them; because of continued popularity and the slogan’s ability to generate more revenues.  Some of the slogans are more popular in other parts of the world than here in The United States of America.

Advertising experts believe that slogans are even better than in person visual product presentations because consumers remember them easily as they become popular as a result of constant media exposure.  Some of the earliest ways to pass information was by word of mouth before written words.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  Video comes at 30 frames per second.  And can also have full Dolby stereo sound.  With the development of technology commercials and jingles replaced “traveling sales people” and “door-to-door” sales in most cases.

In the long run, slogan usage becomes less expensive in terms of advertising expenditures and it is a very effective way to influence and motivate the consumer to purchase a particular product.  Advertising can often bring in way more than is spent is why it is done

We hope you had fun remembering the popular and unforgettable advertising slogans with jungles used in commercials and branding shared here.


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