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A watch is now possible with movies, on-demand video, television cable-like programming, a moving map GPS that tells where to turn, video teleconferencing, and much more.  Dick Tracy would be jealous!  (NOTE: watched the Dick Tracy cartoon as a kid in the late 1960s, and the picture below is dated 1997)

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There is also some links down the right side of DesignAVS Corporation Weblog.  If you have any ideas e-Mails are appreciated.  We hope to make this the best it can be and is a work in progress.  DesignAVS can make your history look and sound better to more in the smallest file size or will do the most given any limitations. 

Timeline of Technology with History & Links:

Shaun Maki, the founder of DesignAVS Corporation, is a degreed electrical engineer who has worked in technology for over 26 years.  Shaun was part of introducing the 80386 / 80486 / Pentium-family CPUs and applied his skills to winning designs for all of Intel's many chips, boards, systems, and software solutions during a time when Intel grew from <$1B to >$27B.  And from nearly zero % to over half systems systems revenue at the same time.  Shaun was a "field sales team reviewer" of "Intel Inside" when Intel branded itself.  He helped pick: the logo, sound Dink-Da-Ding, advertising, media, combined with brilliant marketing behind the scenes to keep a price war from happening at the buyers desk as Intel met competition for the first time from Advanced Micro Devices ( AMD ) and Cyrix Corporation for 80386 / 80486 CPUs.  In the late 80s, at Intel Shaun Maki was part of introducing the first video on computers, Digital Video Interactive (DVI), bought from GE created by David Sarnoff research laboratories those who created the VCR tape. In the early 90s, also at Intel, he helped introduce Indeo Video which is a scaleable video algorithm where quality depends on CPU horsepower.  Neither were a huge success to Intel as did not have video quality acceptable to people who were used to watching television (240i then - 240 lines of vertical resolution and interlaced). For the last ten years Shaun has helped companies like Intel, Cisco, and PMC-Sierra create better chips, networks, boards, systems, and software. When selling Verisity Specman to Intel Shaun Maki's first challenge was to lead a team to verify the new bus called 'The Magic Bus' then 'Arapahoe' internally at Intel.  From early specifications fixing bugs to make it work to send and receive packets for the first time on the bus today known as PCI Express (PCIe).  Now the standard graphics bus in all PCs from Microsoft / Intel AND the Apple Macs now built on Intel architectures.  Shaun Maki went on to help create PCIe Advanced Switching ( and helped make verification software for the new serial bus.  Maybe someday soon it will be common to transfer huge video files between machines or devices.  And to collaborate sharing extra-cycles on networked computers when USB 2.0's speed falls short.  This is especially critical when sharing video files that even when compressed 10 to 50 times are HUGE!  DesignAVS Corporation was an early member of the Intel Developer Network for PCIe and also an early member of the Intel Developer Network for the Digital Home to help make global standards.  Computers are just starting to get into living rooms as a main entertainment device and that trend is expected to continue.  We almost don't watch TV anymore as would rather get video on demand for what we want to watch when we want to watch it (rather than being fed what somebody else wants us to see which is what TV Channels and Cable Channels are).  Shaun with his DesignAVS team of highly skilled consultants can get the job done better for less.  We can properly distribute HD video online today with clearly better audio and visual quality to entertain and inform with more impact.  Have entertainment online everywhere superior to Comcast, Direct TV, Digital Television, Dish Network.  DesignAVS best is not here without a mutual non-disclosure in place.  e-Mail to reach us.  Reaching more quality in the smallest file size or with the most information packed into limitations given excites us.  In the USA in September 2011, Sputtering videos most have to put up even still today sure sucks.  Maybe it can get better if more people get to know what DesignAVS can do.

NOTE the world is beter now as Driod and iPhone devices reach maturement. DesignAVS will help you develop apps to get the most out of your DROID or iPhone.

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