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Higher Quality than YouTube HD (is 448x336 instead of 320x240 yawn)

You are in the right place to see awesome HD video online examples and learn how to utilize the worlds best video compression software. Please skip reading the words here unless you want more details and watch HD video online by clicking in the upper right menu. It is now possible to distribute better than television quality HD video online over the internet to all computers running any operating system browser combination in the smallest file size in any application situation. All common video formats are supported. Gain superior video results to anything else available anywhere with our help.

The biggest and best imply HD video online can be viewable by all (online and mobile without upgrades or plug-ins), but they cannot show it. We can show you how.

Someone can get an idea of possibilities in under a minute when they compare the start of the same video two ways to see and hear the difference, YouTube in their normal small fuzzy window in mono sound and an example video output from the software we sell full screen with a clear image big window in Dolby stereo (if this example is too big for your display or if your connection is too slow please watch the 480p video below on this page or use the menu in the upper right). Get the best video results in any file size, bit rate, or application. Additional full stereo HD video online examples can be watched on the menu in the upper-right. All computers are supported with no upgrades to hardware or software on: Microsoft PC, Apple Mac, Linux, and Sun Solaris. Please notice the videos play quickly and well even at Wi-Fi wireless or slower DSL Internet speeds. Bigger resolution window sizes such as true 720p or 1080p can be deployed with the least bandwidth and storage. Distribute the best looking, sounding, and smallest HD video in full stereo online / mobile. Bank more money while distributing better videos that have more impact in all input or output video formats. Utilize higher quality great looking theater-like HD video media to play on network all infrastructures and machines. Yes the videos you create today will also play superior on future systems (smaller is often better for many reasons).

Below is an example 480p Flash video at 848 x 436, double click on the red button (if your display can show more pixels please see even bigger videos with our menu in the upper right).

If the Java menu or Flash video examples are missing in your browser contact us here so we can direct you to cool video for your unique situation. Please enjoy what you can see (more HD video online information is on our blog). Please come back soon on a browser with Java/Flash support. Software from DesignAVS allows any video input or output format so we can show most anything. While as a new start-up we had to start somewhere so picked the majority of users. Please let us know if you desire something not here.

A new standard exists for video quality and file sizes on all currently installed as well as future computers. Higher quality HD video online in stereo is now here in the best looking smallest files. The bar has been raised above anything else available. Please mouse to the Spideman 3 Movie trailers in the upper right to see how example output results of our video compression solution look and sound. Also with our Spiderman 3 menu above you can compare how YouTube, MySpace, Yahoo, and Sony show the identical web video online (to see a difference it is best to look at the same media, with your glasses on if you need them, and be sure to have your speakers turned up to hear the difference in sound quality with synchronization to video action). HD live video and HD streaming video solutions are available. The 720p Spiderman 3 video example shown is ten times smaller (26Mb) than the original (255 Mb) and the 480p version is sixteen times smaller (16 Mb). 

This software solution outputs higher quality video optimized to look / sound great on today's systems to maximize online advertising investments and also makes future systems work better. Why rush out to buy new computers if great looking higher quality online HD web videos in stereo can be had without it? Even HD live video and HD streaming video are possible with DesignAVS help. Intel now offers new chips to enable future systems to show HD web video full motion online with 'hardware acceleration' and Adobe's new strategy is focused on adding 'hardware acceleration' combined with 'software upgrades'. TI is coming out with new video compression chips. Intel wants to sell more high end chips and systems. Adobe wants to sell high end hardware and software to play higher quality HD video online. Hundreds of thousands of people would likely go without HD rater than buy a new computer if required for high definition online videos - this situation could further separate the rich from the poor magnifying the digital divide. Get original-like higher quality video in the smallest file sizes to maximize bandwidth with storage on any host today and in the future. In the past, original video files are often too huge to use unless downloaded to a hard drive then played. The compressed web videos distributed online today are shown in hard to see little windows, are ugly to watch when expanded, the sound isn't synchronized, an the sound is muffled usually mono instead of stereo. Distribute better looking stereo video than is possible with even the higher quality YouTube HD today with help from DesignAVS.

Utilize the world's best video compression transcoding deinterlacer scaler software available to help improve most video applications with few changes on your side. Simply add our video to what you do now. We are able to input raw interlaced video (often 480i,.avi or any other standard video file format) and output into any video format such as Flash (.FLV), MPEG-4 (MP4), CP3, IPTV, Digital Television (DTV), and even Windows Media Video (.WMV) including Silverlight when licensed by Microsoft to do so. Adobe Flash Player is said to have 98.8% penetration in the Web, making it the most used media player which makes it the most compatible with today's existing installed computers (Source: Adobe; Millward Brown survey, conducted December 2007).

Get HD video online in stereo on existing installed systems without change to any hardware or software. Higher quality smaller sized compressed video files help those who move video files around online or otherwise. Our customers without further investment get higher quality videos with improved bandwidth, increased storage, new solutions, and expanded capabilities. Video compression transcoding deinterlacer scaler helps distribute end-results with superior quality even HD live video / HD streaming video over any connection in stereo including: broadband, DSL, wireless, 3GP, MPEG-4 (MP4), GSM, CDMA, h.264, cell phones, dial-up, cable, mobile devices, military systems, RF, IPTV, Digital Television (DTV), wideband, PCIe, Advanced Switching (, satellite, and even USB. Get higher quality smaller files to play on all computers with no upgrades: Microsoft PC, Apple Mac, Linux, and Sun Solaris. We increase possibilities!

We have HD live video / HD streaming video solutions to talk about with those who need them. Check out our Video Examples page for other high quality web video examples. Let us know if you want to see something and we will do it. The 720p Spiderman 3 HD example above is (1024 x 624 pixels) in stereo. The SD 480p Spiderman 3 video is 848 x436 pixels also in stereo. The video compression transcoding deinterlacer scaler software we use is able to take any video input and output any video with the best quality in the smallest file sizes available from anyone. Get video results play on all computers with no upgrades: Microsoft PC, Apple Mac, Linux, and Sun Solaris.

Cable-like services (without the cable) such as HD IPTV in stereo can now be directed to existing computers, over mobile networks to cell phones, to wi-fi wireless internet connected computers, to 'digital home' living rooms, and through DSL phone lines creating new opportunities for added revenue with an expanded audience for internet advertising to global targeted prospects. Stereo HD video online in full motion at 30+ frames per second (fps) shows much improved details which is an advantage in advertising, commercials, movement, action, games, news, and sports. For example, Comcast (or others) could now offer stereo HD video online IPTV services including HD live video / HD streaming video to Europe with our software solution to earn customers they would not have otherwise. Distribute the best quality in the smallest files by sending an email to DesignAVS to open conversations. Based on bandwidth/storage our solutions not only pay for themselves but make money in most business situations. Anyone can now broadcast their own higher quality than YouTube stereo HD video online 'channel' over the Web now. Our software can power programming including HD live video / HD streaming video to all-digital TVs as required by 2009 in stereo. We enable video on demand using higher quality formats beyond standard definition (SD) 480p such as 1080p, 1080i, 720p, and 720i (in digital televisions for homes these numbers represent lines of horizontal resolution while on computers many call 1280x720 1080p which doesn't seem right). Note: the US Government mandated by 2009 all-digital television will exist in the homes of the United States and that transition happened after delay last year. Video compression saves money through bandwidth improvements and storage reductions while end-users get to watch higher quality videos.  We can put better HD video online with quality superior to digital television.

Get the best looking video in the smallest file sizes for any connection speed and for any resolution/window size in any delivery method. We can help anyone distribute High Definition (HD) web videos online in stereo with higher quality than all others to the existing installed millions of computer-users around the world without plug-ins/codecs/changes for any operating system including: Windows, Apple, Linux, and Solaris. In April 2005 Adobe bought Macromedia for $3.4B mostly to get Flash Player and it remains the standard platform for viewing a wide variety of web content. Microsoft in April 2007 released Silverlight to compete with Flash (requires a plug-in on Windows XP and does not support Linux). Most compression is not good enough to get the kind of higher quality HD in stereo shown above through the small pipe they call the Internet. We use normal file formats such as Adobe Flash Video (.FLV), Microsoft Windows Media Video (.WMV) including Silverlight, Apple QuickTime (.MOV), Audio Video Interleave (.AVI), 3GP, MPEG-4 (MP4), H.264, IPTV, HD live video, HD streaming video and Digital Television (DTV). We create compressed video files that are typically over ten times smaller than the original in the same resolution with similar quality with full stereo sound HD video online. We can play higher quality videos on all computers today/tomorrow with no upgrades: Microsoft PC, Apple Mac, Linux, and Sun Solaris.

Have technology to reach out on existing installed computer networks and mobile devices without upgrade to hardware or software.  With the best quality in the smallest file sizes to impress your viewer audience. We use video compression transcoding deinterlacer scaler software to help organizations look great in stereo to get the message out with higher quality true-HD video online even full-screen at wi-fi wireless internet speeds (the same content can also be sent to mobile devices). We enable end-users to set themselves apart from others in their market space with the best quality advertizing, news, social networks, action, HD live video, HD streaming video, and sports media anywhere to make more money. HD video recorders (camcorders) are now available for a reasonable price - unfortunately sharing high quality HD video in stereo is difficult today as the file sizes are simply too big for normal broadband connection speeds without using video compression transcoding deinterlacer scaler software solutions. A higher quality YouTube HD is now being tested see it in our blog here dated March 14, 2008 here. Please notice it is not as good as it could be. With software from DesignAVS you can distribute even better looking than the new higher quality YouTube HD internet web videos today in stereo instead of mono. Have more impact than others online to impress your target audiences. Our end-users can create then own and control television-like broadcast channels to distribute any stereo HD video online they wish with higher quality to reach their target audiences with unique impact in this technology age (where over ten billion videos were watched in December 2007). Product and brand perception is linked to the quality of the advertising media. We offer the best available today to reach the millions of installed computers users with higher quality stereo HD videos. Once online channels gets established, such as University of Oregon's 'The O-Zone', subscriptions with advertizing can be sold to make money two ways. The equipment is quickly paid for then money is made. Higher quality High Definition will sets those apart who use it. As yet another way to make money the same media can be put into much smaller file sizes in lower resolution simultaneously to also be broadcast to mobile devices such as cell phones, iPhones, iPods, etc. We enable the best online and wireless media. To play on all computers with no upgrades: Microsoft PC, Apple Mac, Linux, and Sun Solaris.

Let's open conversations about your specific situation, needs and dreams. Together we can create a plan where your organization will profit through the use of higher quality stereo HD video online and to mobile devices. Our smallest file sizes reduce bandwidth requirements. Bandwidth is money. Please ask any questions that come to mind. Our video compression transcoding deinterlacer scaler software skills can be demonstrated for any video situation so please tell us about how you use video. Upon request can compress video clips as well as provide any of the videos you watch in this website to demonstrate how it looks deployed in any specific situation. Those who try us will see the best quality in the smallest files. We like to show improved videos on your machines, on your networks, with a video clip you know. We are superior to all others in functionality and price.

Be the best you can be with DesignAVS's software knowledge and assistance. We provide services to help you get the most out of bringing high quality better than TV video in stereo to your existing infrastructure. Volume pricing is available. Contact us here for more information, to share anonymous ideas, to open conversation, to see other video demonstrations for your situation, to have a video file compressed, or to obtain pricing information.

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