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The same HD video online ( spiderman_3_1280x608_720p_99Mb.wmv  ) from Sony its creator compressed then deployed online in about 2007 for a personal computer with a relatively low bandwidth broadband connection.  

If these DesignAVS video doesn't play right check out the green below if want to see what we can do.  With DesignAVS help using the latest technologies your prospects will see and hear your message better now and in the future.

  • Yes we do put HD video online for the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, Google DROID powered devices, PalmOS, Opera Browser, etc.  DesignAVS will compress then deploy for any standard video format and any standard display on any more modern toy.
  • DesignAVS does not show its best work without signing a mutual non-disclosure in place.  Please e-mail if you would like to see some of the good stuff done better to your selection of toys.
  • Consider having DesignAVS deploy a small video file example or two.  Realize this page was created in early 2008 so yes older but still a 'classic' and decent example of DesignAVS going beyond if your display and speakers are capable of it.  
  • A free example HD video online idea, allow us to show you how to upgrade your existing YouTube video to look and sound better in the same file size using compression to show more information within the limitations imposed using any video deployment services / devices / computers. 
  • Conversion of video for all computers and any target devices including  handhelds like: Apple iPOD, Apple iPhone, BlackBerry, Google DROID powered devices, Apple iPad, Adobe Flash, DROIDs, and more.  We can get you from any format to any format with the best quality video in the smallest file sizes.  Tell us more about your video situation so we can get to work and help.
  • More information about DesignAVS HD video online.  And lots of information about hd video online on the DesignAVS blog.

We will shoot, edit, produce, and distribute a perfect pitch everytime to spread your message.  Then get you traffic.

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